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Servant Leadership

We seek to identify, recruit, and train leaders to be servants in the kingdom of God. We believe the lifelong equipping of all leaders is essential for the flourishing of churches and ministries.

Global Missions

We are a missional community with a kingdom vision. Therefore, we seek to be witnesses and agents of the kingdom “to the ends of the earth.” Our primary objective is to start and strengthen local churches, both in North America and around the world.

Faith Formation

As a community of believers we seek to introduce and nurture faith in Jesus Christ. We believe the church must work together to challenge and equip each believer to grow in their faith as they seek to be faithful disciples in the kingdom of God.

Loving Mercy; Doing Justice

We hear the cries of the oppressed, forsaken, and disadvantaged. Our hearts are broken by the things that break the heart of God. Therefore we seek “to act justly and love mercy” as we walk humbly with our God.

Gospel Proclamation and Worship

Faith comes through the hearing of God's Word. We seek to proclaim the saving message of Jesus Christ and worship him in all that we do.

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