There’s something about a journey that’s exciting and invigorating. A promise of new horizons; new possibilities; new challenges. The Christian Reformed Church is on such a journey. It’s called Our Journey 2020 “Our Journey” because we’re on it together; “2020” to remind us that this is just one stage of a journey that will see us living and growing together in new ways and new places.

Some of the most interesting journeys happen when you know where you are going, but not exactly how to get there. This is that kind of a trip. CRC members and leaders across Canada and the United States told us about the challenges their churches are facing. These challenges framed the goals, or “desired futures,” showing where we need to go. But how to get there — and where to go first — will be different for each congregation.

What we do know is that we’ve been called to step out in faith. And that by walking together, with the Spirit leading and guiding us, we will reach the futures that God desires for us. These goals will enable us to better assist each other in mapping out our unique routes, while drawing upon our shared resources and expertise.

It’s a challenging undertaking, but our hopes are not tied to what we can do. Rather, in the words of 1 Thessalonians 5:24, “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.”

As we walk together into these desired futures, we will become the people that we hear God calling us to be. This is Our Journey 2020.

Church and Community

Desired Future 1: Churches Flowing into Their Communities

Our congregations will flow like streams into their communities. We will meet our neighbors at community events and gathering places, listening to each other, learning from each other, and serving each other. By our presence we will become channels for the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit’s life-giving transformation.

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Desired Future 2: Churches Nurturing Disciples

Our churches will be vibrant communities, radiating grace. As we preach, teach, and live out the gospel within and beyond our walls, we nurture people of all generations as they grow into the likeness of Christ Jesus.

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Desired Future 3: Churches Cultivating Leaders

Our churches and ministries will grow new leaders of many kinds. At all levels—local, regional, denominational—we discover the talents, skills, and strengths in our ordained and lay people. We cultivate those gifts through education, handson ministry opportunities, and guidance from mature leaders in order to raise new leaders who have deep roots and yield abundant fruit. 

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Desired Future 4: Churches Telling Our Story

We will grasp—and be grasped by—a richly Reformed world and life view so that we are able and eager to express what it means to belong to God’s diverse and unified family. Transformed by that story, we will learn to tell it so compellingly that people from many cultures and experiences are drawn to see and know themselves as God’s beloved ones, entrusted to bring the good news to others.

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Desired Future 5: Churches Working in Partnership

Our churches and ministries will work hand in hand with each other, and with partners in our own communities and around the world, to faithfully fulfill Jesus’ command to make disciples of all people.

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Church and Community



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