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For full reports and exact statements of the CRCNA position on a particular issue, see references provided below.

우리의 입장

총회는 안락사에 대한 공식 입장을 낸 적이 없습니다. 그러나, 낙태 관련 입장에서, 교단은 “태아의 수정부터 사망 시점까지 인간이 어떤 발달단계에 존재하던지 간에 모든 인간에 대한 고의적 혹은 임의적 파괴를” 정죄합니다 (1972 총회 회의록, 64쪽). 2000년도에 제시된 죽음의 문제들에 관한 보고서는 안락사와 죽음의 문제들에 대해 성경적 입장으로 생각하도록 돕는 지침을 제공합니다 (를 보십시오).

또한 생명 항목을 보십시오.


In 1997 Classis Chatham requested the appointment of a committee to study the issue of euthanasia. Since the Committee for Contact with Government of the Council of the Christian Reformed Churches in Canada was already working on a study dealing with end-of-life issues, synod asked it to adapt that study for presentation to a future synod. Its report on "responsibility and community at the end of life" was presented to Synod 2000, and many of its pastoral and public policy recommendations were adopted. The churches were reminded of their responsibilities toward families, members, the health-care community, and public policy.

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