Before the Webinar

What equipment will I need?

You just need a basic computer with speakers or headphones. During the presentation, audio will come through your speakers/headphones and the visuals will appear on your screen.

Will my computer work?

Our webinar provider, Adobe Connect, offers a test to make sure your computer is configured properly with the appropriate connection speed to view and hear the webinar. Just visit the Connection Test page. 

How do I register?

Visit and click the link of the webinar you’d like to attend. On the next page, fill in your name and other required information and click “Submit”. Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email that contains the log-in link and information you’ll need to join the webinar.

Why aren't these webinars held in the evening?

Keep in mind that attendees are spread across three (or more) time zones, so a 7:00 pm start time for the west coast is 10:00 pm in the east. Furthermore, some people have more flexibility during the day than they have in the evenings. In the end, there's no perfect time that will work for everyone. That's why we record all sessions and post the archive shortly after the live event (usually the video is posted the same day).

Joining the Webinar

How do I join the webinar?

On the day of the webinar, you'll receive a reminder email with your log-in link and information on how to join the webinar. Shortly before the webinar is to begin, click the link in that registration email to join the webinar. Make sure your speakers/headphones are on and wait for the webinar to start.


Can’t Hear Audio

  1. Check that your speakers are turned on or that your headphones are plugged into the correct jack.
  2. Check that your computer volume isn’t muted.
  3. Turn up your computer volume.
  4. Adjust volume using the Adobe Connect toolbar.

Can’t See Presentation/Don't Know If I'm Logged In

  1. If you have several applications open, make sure the Adobe Connect application is on top. Close or minimize unnecessary applications.
  2. If you've confirmed that you're logged in and can't see the webinar, this could be caused by failure to perform the Connection Test or having an unsuccessful test. Visit the Connection Test page and complete the test. 

During the Webinar

What’s on my webinar screen?

During the webinar, you’ll be viewing the “Event Window” (see image). The Event Window has it’s own set up menus at the top and the main portion of the screen is divided into two parts: 

  1. left side - content such as slides, videos, etc
  2. right sidebar - separate panels for Q&A, chat, polls, and more

How do I adjust volume?

Simply adjust the volume of your computer and/or speakers. You can also adjust volume using the Adobe Connect toolbar at the top of the webinar window.




What is Q&A, and how do I use it?

Use the Q&A tool to send questions - at any time! - to the presenter. The host will compile those questions and, during or after the presentation, pose them to the presenter. Or, in some cases, your question may be answered in writing by another staffer.

If attendance is high, we can’t promise we’ll have time to get to every question. But we’ll try and in many cases we’ll provide you with an opportunity to keep the conversation going after the live event ends.


What is "Chat", and how do I use it?

Chat is a quick messaging tool we can use to send notes to all participants. If you have questions for the presenter, please use the Q&A tool, not Chat.

What is a poll, and how do I use it?

Polls are a great tool for getting input from all the webinar participants, much as you might do a show of hands at a live workshop. When the host opens a poll, you’ll see the question appear in your sidebar. Select or type your answer and submit.