Flourishing in Ministry Study - For Pastors

CRCNA Flourishing in Ministry Report - August 2017

Pastor Church Resources (PCR) is involved in an ongoing research project, Flourishing in Ministry, conducted by the University of Notre Dame. During the summer of 2017, just over 340 CRC pastors participated in it and received a personized report on their wellbeing. The resulting report can be found here.

The CRCNA will once again be participating in the study in mid-May 2019. Pastors will receive information about the study in the months leading up to the actual invite to participate. We need at least 400 pastors to complete the survey in order to get “significant results”. The report that follows will benefit pastors, councils, congregations, and Pastor Church Resources as we strive to care for pastors and their wellbeing.

How will it benefit you as a pastor? You’ll receive an immediate personalized report on your wellbeing. You can see a sample report here. You’ll be able to take the survey at regular intervals so that you can assess your wellbeing over time. Watch for more information in the spring of 2019.

You can visit the study’s website at http://wellbeing.nd.edu/flourishing-in-ministry/ for further information on the project.

You may find Flourishing in Ministry: Emerging Research Insights on the Well-Being of Pastors (2013) an interesting read.