This ‘Online Resource Centre’ is a place where you’ll find an assortment of tools and resources to help you learn, prepare for, and gain insight on many aspects of volunteering in missions.

Whether or not you’re preparing to serve as an individual or as part of a team, short-term or long-term, close to home or overseas, this is where you will find links to valuable information that can contribute toward a positive mission experience. We hope that the resources provided here will help you in your ‘mission’ journey.

Should you wish any additional information about any of the resources listed here, or would like to suggest a book, video or article, please contact the ServiceLink office.


Links to various online articles, blogs, forums and postings with a diverse wealth of practical information. Whether you are a first-time team member, a frequent volunteer, or a team leader, these articles offer many ideas for serving more effectively.
A current background check (2 years or more recent) is a common requirement for many volunteer opportunities. Background checks are usually available through your local police department, and policies vary regarding processing fees and turn-around time. As a service to volunteers, ServiceLink has also made arrangements with MyBackCheck (Canada) and ScreeningOne (USA) for online processing of background checks.
In order to assist you in preparing for your mission trip or time of volunteer service, ServiceLink offers a list of recommended books. These books, written by leading Christian authors, will guide you in all aspects of your preparation and time of serving.
Changed for Life is a new, free, downloadable online resource from the CRC and RCA that equips short-term mission teams, the hosts who receive them, and the congregations who send them, to craft a well-organized mission experience with the potential to catalyze lifelong change.
A mission trip or overseas volunteer assignment is not so much a physical or cultural journey as it is a spiritual journey. As such, sending churches are strongly encouraged to commission their volunteers prior to departure, and to pledge their prayerful support and encouragement. ServiceLink offers several Commissioning Service guidelines and litanies which you are free to use as prepared, or modify to meet your needs and circumstances.
A daily time of reflection is an essential spiritual component of a God-focused mission trip. A number of devotional documents are available for you to freely download from the ServiceLink website. There are single-day devotions which can also be used in discussion groups, and multi-day devotions which are suitable for use by individuals or short-term mission teams.
A guide to college and university programs in Canada and the U.S., and select international institutions, that offer specialized programs for those seeking to pursue an education and career in mission work and community relief and development.
Whether it is for serving in the local church or community, or leading a team on a short-term mission trip, we can assist your volunteer leaders through specialized workshops.
These videos and webinars offer helpful advice for preparing for your mission trip or volunteer service, for gaining a deeper understanding of missions, as well as team building, fundraising, and effectively applying what was learned upon your return.