ServiceLink's role as the 'Volunteer Services Program' of the Christian Reformed Church is to assist and provide tools for effective volunteer engagement in a variety of situations;  overseas volunteer service, short-term mission teams, and also effectively engaging with volunteers that serve your congregation or community organizations you are involved with.

When surveyed, volunteers have repeatedly stated that they feel most valued and appreciated when they can see how their efforts are contributing to the organization's overall mission and goals.   We hope the information and expertise available through ServiceLink will encourage and assist you in your important role of helping volunteers to serve in meaningful and rewarding ways.


Job descriptions are effective and helpful tools for assisting Elders and Deacons to fulfill their roles as officebearers within your congregation. ServiceLink has sample job descriptions that can be modified to suit your needs, as well as links to training videos for elders and deacons, and guidelines and ideas to assist congregations in the process of nominating elders and deacons.
Accurate and up-to-date job descriptions not only help church volunteers know what is expected of them, but it also demonstrates the value your church places on the service they provide. ServiceLink has downloadable documents that can assist you in creating job descriptions for a variety of volunteer ministry positions, and that meet the needs and realities of your congregation.
Local churches and community organizations depend upon a network of volunteers who are properly selected, trained, supervised and recognized. Often, the individual(s) responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers is also a volunteer. ServiceLink can assist your congregation with strategizing and training for effective volunteer engagement, and we have also prepared a series of articles exploring various aspects of volunteer engagement, as well as links to informative resources.