About Us

ServiceLink is a program of the Christian Reformed Church in North America which seeks to SERVE THE LOCAL CHURCH. We do that in a few ways….

  1. As a  resourcing bridge between the agencies and ministries of the CRC and local Canadian churches. ServiceLink’s work involves roles in customer service and communication, providing answers to questions, connections to people, links to information and resources and whatever else leans into the needs and desires of the local church.
  2. As a program with expertise in the area of Volunteer Ministry Development, especially as it relates to the North American context in support of local church efforts for engaging volunteers within their own congregations. ServiceLink makes numerous resources available for use in the local church, from templates for ministry job descriptions, to best practices for recruiting volunteers, to developing a volunteer engagement strategy, to ministry evaluation tools – and so much more.
  3. As a place to find North American volunteer opportunities available for individuals, groups and families that will suit your time commitment, skills, interests and budget. There are opportunities in which you can volunteer for a few hours (in local communities), or for a few days, weeks, months or even years. ServiceLink staff can provide details about specific projects, or you can view the many listings under the 'Opportunities' menu.

Please feel free to download ServiceLink’s Five Callings brochure that describes how ServiceLink's services can support some of the ministry goals within your congregation.  You are encouraged to print copies for your church, or contact us to receive them.


ServiceLink is proud to be affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America and its ministries, agencies and partners.
The CRCNA volunteer programs, including ServiceLink, have adopted the Standards of Excellence (SOE) for short term mission (STM) teams and are Associate members of SOE.