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Counseling and More

Pastor Church Resources is partnering with Full Strength Network to offer a variety of wellbeing resources for just $299 (US$) per year. Resources include:

  • counseling - safe, confidential counseling for pastors and ministry staff and their spouses and/or dependants ages 13 - 17
  • coaching - customized coaching for ministry leaders
  • peer huddles - groups of pastors who meet for an hour each month around ministry related topics
  • financial coaching - covering topics such as debt reduction, budgeting, giving, saving, and wise stewardship
  • respite opportunities - a list of welcoming accommodations at affordable prices
  • exclusive content - for ministry leaders to enhance overall wellbeing
  • ministrypulse app - allows you to monitor your wellbeing

The wellbeing of pastors is critical to the pastor, their family, and the churches they serve. Taking proactive steps to ensure and enhance wellbeing should be a top priority.

We encourage churches to cover the minimal cost if their pastor(s) is interested. If the church and the pastor are unable to afford the fee, limited scholarships are available. Please reach out to us for more information.

Pastors and ministry staff are able to access these resources. However, scholarships are available only for pastors.

Individual Registration OR Gift a Membership to your Pastor

If you’re a CRCNA pastor or church staff person and are purchasing a membership for yourself OR if you’re providing this membership as a gift to your pastor/church staff person, go to the “register here” icon at the top of this page.

Group Registration

If you’re a CRC church providing/purchasing this membership to some or all of your staff, go to the “register your group” icon“ at the top of this page.

Note: Pastors and ministry staff in the US and Canada (except for Quebec) are able to participate in this opportunity. Full Strength determines where they’re able to offer their resources. The CRCNA has no input into this.

Questions about the program and what it offers? Contact Full Strength Network at [email protected].

Note: Counseling services are available by many providers including Shalem Mental Health Network in Ontario and Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Michigan. The scholarships noted above are only available for Full Strength.