For Pastors & Churches


The staff of Pastor Church Resources is available for consultation in times of transition or crisis by way of telephone, email and on-site visits. Occasionally, we make use of resource persons beyond our staff.


Synod 2009 approved guidelines for maintaining a healthy relationship between a congregation and former pastor. These guidelines are especially important in situations where the former pastor becomes a "regular" member in that same congregation upon either retirement or taking up a ministry role outside of the congregation. See Agenda Synod 2009, pp.45-52 for the context of these guidelines as a response to an overture from Classis Grand Rapids East in 2008. Click here for a copy of these guidelines. Click here for a copy of an article which demonstrates that guidelines do not tell the whole story, or even the only story!


The role of MIS has changed since the inception of the new way for pastors and churches to find each other.  Its called PastorSearch and it began in June of 2017. Pastor Search Committees now have access to all minister profiles through a portal. To register for access to this portal, send an email to and a staff person from Pastor Church Resources will provide information and guidance. Once a church’s Search Committee has compiled a list of possible candidates for their open position, it may request that MIS look over the list, give input, and provide additional names for consideration. Search Committees are encouraged to post their open position announcement along with its church profile, job description, etc. on the section of the CRCNA’s Network website called Church Positions. This is a place where pastors can see which churches are looking for a new pastor.