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Challenging Conversations Toolkit

The Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality Report (summary) includes a recommendation to “encourage the churches to make use of the curriculum prepared by Pastor Church Resources (PCR), in conjunction with members of the committee, to help small groups study and discuss aspects of the committee’s report which may be controversial.” The following letter introduces you to this curriculum. 

Dear Church Leader,

The release of the Study Report of the Committee to Articulate a Foundation–Laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality represents a significant challenge for many of our members, churches, classes, and even our denomination. The issues it tackles are relevant, personal, and important. They can also be quite divisive.  

As leaders, you can probably imagine at least a few ways that this report could generate conflict in your congregation or in our denomination. Maybe you want your congregation to engage with this report, but you’re not sure how to do it. Maybe you sense that the topics in this report need careful attention, but you can’t help but see all the ways the conversation could go badly. 

Often when it comes to hard conversations, it's easier just to stay quiet and pretend everyone agrees than to risk open disagreement.  

But at Pastor Church Resources, we have spent most of the last forty years inviting Christian Reformed congregations to embrace hard conversations, rather than avoid them. We believe that challenging conversations among Christians, while sometimes scary, can become an opportunity to deepen our faith and strengthen our churches. That’s because, at their best, challenging conversations require us to rely more deeply on the Spirit to help us love our neighbors, to bear with one another, and to trust the promise that in Christ, all things hold together. In fact, challenging conversations, when attempted in Christ’s name and for his glory, can be one of the most effective means by which God demonstrates his power and sanctifies his people.  

It’s just that sometimes we need a little help to get started. 

That’s why Pastor Church Resources, in consultation with the Human Sexuality Study Committee, has developed the Challenging Conversations Toolkit, a resource meant to help small groups in your church listen deeply to the report and to one another as you consider what to do next. 

This five- to seven-session small group resource is based on some of the best practices recommended by Pastor Church Resources for helping turn conflicts into opportunities for discipleship and witness. 

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