Photo: Climate Witness Project
Photo by Climate Witness Project

The Christian Reformed Church’s Climate Witness Project is asking people to send in photos detailing their use of such sustainable practices as tending a garden, using solar panels, or eating vegetarian.

Other practices helping to save energy and to curb carbon emissions can include any of the following:

  • Taking public transportation, biking or walking on your daily commute
  • Driving an electric car
  • Meeting with your elected officials to talk about climate change
  • Composting
  • Participating in a river clean-up or tree planting event

And there is so much more!

Let us know so we can highlight your efforts  on social media and feature your story on the Climate Witness Project’s Success Stories page.

Send us a picture of what you’re doing to address climate change and a quote about why it’s important to ckritikos@crcna.org.