Marcos and Dan Kuiper

 Marcos, now 35, was raised in a dysfunctional family. His parents managed to move from Mexico to the United States when he was young, but his father struggled with substance abuse.

Marcos followed his dad down the same path and became involved with a street gang. By the time he was 24, he was using and selling drugs. Eventually he wound up in prison, a heroin addict.

Around that time, his older sister, Marta, became a Christian. Marta witnessed to Marcos and prayed for the Lord to become Marcos’s salvation.

Marcos was released from prison, but he soon fell back to using drugs. In desperation, he entered “Agua Viva,” a Christian rehabilitation house.

One night, while he sweat and shook in withdrawal, Marcos fell to his knees before God. He cried out to Jesus and in the quiet of the night, the Lord became his salvation.

From that moment on, Marcos committed himself to serving the Lord. He helped direct a rehab house, guiding others to confront their addictions as he had. He almost lost his life twice, once when thugs knifed him and later when he was involved in a car accident. Through it all, he continued to rely on God.

About a year ago, Marcos eagerly accepted an unanticipated opportunity to study at All Nations Seminary, an interdenominational seminary in Juarez, Mexico.

This is one of the schools at which Dan Kuiper, a Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) missionary, teaches.

Kuiper says Marcos has distinguished himself at the school as an honor student and a talented musician.

“Every class has been a delight to him as he beamed with joy and earnestly studied what the Bible had to say about the Lord who had become his salvation,” says Kuiper.

As one of his courses, Marcos recently attended a class that Dan Kuiper taught on the Holy Spirit and salvation.

Marcos wants others to experience the joy and peace he’s found. After graduation, Marcos plans to serve God as a pastor, counselor, and conference speaker, sharing God’s message of salvation with all who will listen, says Dan Kuiper.

Dan Kuiper and his wife, Jeananne, have served as CRWM missionaries for many years.

Besides working at All Nations Seminary, Dan Kuiper also teaches at San Pablo Presbyterian Seminary.

Jeananne Kuiper administers three small book stores which sell over 1,000 theology and ministry books to students every year at an affordable price.

She also heads up a discipleship program through Crossroad Bible Institute which touches the lives of hundreds Hispanic inmates in U.S. jails.

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