Family photo of George Vander Weit

The Christian Reformed Church is asking people to pray for the family of Rev. George Vander Weit, a retired CRC pastor who left his home last Friday morning in a Detroit suburb and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Prayers are being requested for Vander Weit as well.

Police began searching for Vander Weit, 70, over the weekend, but have not been able determine what happened to him or where he is.

He was last seen about 9:20 a.m. on July 5 around the intersection of Runyon and Dequindre roads in the Detroit suburb of Rochester.

Family members say Vander Weit wasn’t carrying his wallet, any identification or his cell phone.

Vanderweit served churches in Wayland, Mich., Cleveland, Ohio, Troy Mich.,  and a Korean church in Rochester.

He also served Fuller Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids.

“It’s a sad time for family, it’s a sad time for the church,” Fuller Avenue CRC Interim Pastor Morris Greidanus to the Grand Rapids Press. “We’re grieving as a church and praying.”


Yes so do we, it must be so awful not to know where your husband, father or Opa is. I too hope he is found soon.

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I've asked our church to pray for Rev. George Vander Weit and his family on our prayer line this week and have let friends and family know about the need via Facebook. We all pray that George will be found safe.

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My congregation in British Columbia knows Rev. George Vander Weit from The Banner. We will pray for him and his family on Sunday. We will all pray for his safety.

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