The Yearbook office of the Christian Reformed Church in North America wants to let clerks of churches know that the annual church questionnaire is coming to their email inbox at the end of August.

The church questionnaire, sent by the CRCNA Yearbook office to all churches each year in late summer/early fall, gives a church the opportunity to review the information the denomination has on record for them.

It also gives churches the chance to make any appropriate changes if they have neglected or forgotten to do so since they last received the questionnaire.

“Membership statistics change from year to year; staff changes occur often; service times, websites, email addresses, etc. are constantly updated,” said Rebekah Vanden Akker, Yearbook coordinator in the Synodical Services office.

“On the questionnaire form, churches are able to confirm and/or update the information as currently recorded in the database, including contact information, service times, staff leadership positions, and membership statistics. The membership numbers reported by each church will be in effect for pension calculations for the new year starting in January.”

After receiving the questionnaire, churches have until Oct. 16 to return the form.

“The email questionnaire is sent to the main email address we have on file for the church, so if someone besides the person monitoring that email address needs to access the questionnaire, they will need to pass the email along,” said Vanden Akker.

One major benefit of updating and submitting the church questionnaire each year is that a congregation’s Church Finder page is kept up-to-date.

Church Finder is one of the most popular pages on the CRCNA website. “It provides an easy way for people searching online to connect with all of our churches in Canada and the U.S.,” said Vanden Akker.

“Church Finder information is updated via the annual church questionnaire, so by reviewing the information in the questionnaire for accuracy and submitting any necessary updates, online viewers will be able to find the most helpful information they need in order to connect with a church in their area.”

If you have questions or comments, you can contact Vanden Akker at the Yearbook office or at 616-224-0833.