Lord's Supper Resources

Check out the following resources as you look for ways to engage members in conversation about the Lord’s Supper and how Synod 2011’s decision affects the practice of communion in congregations that choose to open the table to children.


Below we’ve included links to the relevant reports that detail discussion and action taken by CRC synods over the years as they’ve deliberated the matter of children’s participation in the sacrament of communion. We’ve also included documents from other church bodies/denominations that address the issue of children’s participation in communion.

Synodical Decision of 1995
Overture 16 to Synod 2006
Synod Decisions 2006
Task Force Report to Synod 2007
Summary of Comments from the Church Survey 2006/2007
Synodical Decisions of 2007
Synodical Decision of 2007 with the Mandate for the Faith Formation Committee
Seven Universal Themes Prepares by the Reformed Ecumenical Council


To view the webinar, Children at the Lord's Table, presented on April 25, 2012, go to this link: http://network.crcna.org/resource/webinar-recording/children-lords-table The webinar focuses on the decision of Synod to welcome children to the Table and offers ideas for introducing and implementing this change.

Resources for Further Reading

Resources from Around the CRC

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