The Connections Project is a three-year, grant-funded project to help CRC congregations in three regions explore and connect with resources for ministry.

Connections Project team members walk alongside CRC congregations as they address the unique questions, opportunities, and challenges they face. We offer a contextual and networked approach to helping churches discover and utilize a wide variety of ministry resources from the CRC and beyond. Our goal is to develop useful and congregation-focused models of regionalized resourcing that can be replicated in other regions in the denomination and shared with others.

We can help your congregation connect with resources through the Four Cs: conversations, by creating space for learning, facilitating the formation of cohorts, and offering resource coaching.


Connections Project Resource Catalyzers and Resource Coaches are available at any time for conversations about how to explore and connect with useful resources on almost any topic your church might be thinking about. Whether it's a quick email, a five-minute phone conversation, or a longer consultation over coffee, we’re here to help point you in the right direction.

Creating Space

Each fall, Resource Catalyzers will work with the rest of the Connections Project regional team to host annual learning gatherings for churches in the region. These gatherings will provide an opportunity for congregational ministry teams to come together to learn, share, and connect.


Resource Coaches are available to walk alongside congregations as they explore their unique opportunities and challenges. Coaches are equipped to help congregations discern what resources might be useful on their learning journey, connect with other congregations exploring similar topics, and follow-up to ensure the congregation is on a productive path.


Resource Catalyzers can facilitate the creation of groups of churches who will work with the Connections Project team to pick a shared topic to explore. These cohorts learn together for a year and will be able to share their learning with other churches in the region and beyond.

The Connections Project Team
(Left to Right) Larry Meyer (Midwest), Trudy Ash (Midwest), Carol Veldman Rudie (Midwest), Ron Chu (Southern California), Kristen Rietkerk (Southern California), Tomas Ivens (Southern California), Joel De Boer (Midwest), Marian Lensink (Southern Ontario), Ken Bosveld (Southern Ontario), Lesli Van Milligen (Southern Ontario)