Who are the members of the committee?

The committee has 9 members, all of whom are active in congregations of the Christian Reformed Church. They are:

Rev. Rolf Bouma (Chair)
Dan Borst
Jessica Driesenga
Wendy Gritter
Rev. John Rottman
Julia Smith (Reporter)
Ryan Struyk
Rev. Karl Van Harn
Rev. Dave Vroege

How were members selected?

Committee members were selected for bi-national representation and for their expertise and contributions on a variety of matters related to the committee's mandate.

When will the committee report to synod?

The committee will present its report to synod in 2016.

Is the committee being paid?

As with all synodical study committees in the CRCNA, this work is a voluntary, unpaid assignment, which committee members have accepted out of care for the churches and a desire to serve.

How can I contact the committee?

We welcome correspondence to the committee via the email pastoralguidance-samesex@crcna.org