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Top Ways to Share Inspire With Others

Are you planning to attend Inspire 2022? Want to help others experience the excitement, rejuvenation, resourcing, and fellowship that Inspire has to offer? Consider doing one (or all) of the activities below. 

  1. Invite a Friend - Nothing feels better than having someone personally invite you to spend time with them. Think about someone you know that would benefit from Inspire and ask them to join you. Maybe you could even carpool or travel together. 
  2. Be a Social Butterfly - You can use your social media as a promotional tool. Mark yourself as “going” to the Inspire 2022 Facebook event. This will help all your connections see that you are attending and they might want to learn more. You can also add #CRCInspire to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.
  3. Read All About It - Ask if you can put a short announcement in your church’s communication. This could be a weekly worship bulletin, or the church newsletter. To get you started, here is a draft announcement:

    Be Inspired This Summer! - Are you missing gatherings and times of growing together? Plan to join hundreds of Christian Reformed people in Chicago this summer for Inspire 2022. Held on August 4-6, 2022 at the Tinley Park Convention Center, Inspire will equip and energize you with worship, prayer, speakers, and workshops. [Insert your name here] will be there. Learn more and register at 
  4. Special Delivery - Does your church have mailboxes for members? We can send you flyers that you could share. Pass one out to every member of your church, or to those that you think would especially benefit. Consider adding a sticky note with your name and contact info for those who have questions. Email [email protected] to let us know how many copies you’d like to receive.
  5. Public Display of Affection - Put yourself in the spotlight and ask the leadership of your congregation if you can speak during an upcoming worship service. Give a short (not more than 2 minutes please) announcement about what Inspire is and that you plan to attend. Encourage people to talk to you after the service if they want to learn more.