As you might be able to surmise from their name, the Ttokamsa Mission Church has a passion for missions. For years, this congregation supported ministry work around the globe. A large portion of their budget went to missions. But this church wanted to have a closer relationship with the ministries they supported. They wanted to participate in ministry that was sustainable. They wanted to reach the world in a meaningful way. It was becoming clear to the leaders that the church had a blind spot in its outreach. As a church located in the center of Los Angeles, the world was at their doorstep. There were communities of people from all around the world right in their own city.

Recently, the Ttokamsa church hired Ronald Chu as a part time pastor to help with this new missions initiative. Together, Pastor Ken Choe and Pastor Ron Chu travel twice a month to do leadership training workshops with people from a variety of ethnic minority congregations, people who care deeply about their communities in Los Angeles and in their countries of origin.

Ttokamsa church helps many of these partner churches financially but also helps them catch a vision for missions themselves. “Most of these churches feel grateful and then encouraged to think about missions,” said Pastor Ron. When they were struggling, they didn’t have the capacity to focus on missions.” Through these partner churches, Ttokamsa is able to connect with the homelands of the members of these churches.

Ttokamsa church members started connecting with other ethnic congregations in the area and soon the Ttokamsa Mission Church was partnering with 16 different ethnic minority congregations. Ttokamsa was connecting with people from the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, El Salvador, Nepal, Japan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, and more. The number of partner churches grew and Ttokamsa leadership saw a need to invest more in these relationships.

The members of one partner church came from El Salvador and many of them are still in contact with family and friends back in that country. Through their partnership with Ttokamsa, they have been able to grow as a church from a congregation of 30-40 people to more than 100 today. But this church is also acting as a connector to ministry throughout Central America. This El Salvadoran church is getting excited about missions in Central America and is helping Ttokamsa Church connect with sustainable ministries in the region.

But Pastor Ken and Pastor Ron are feeling the burden of leading their own congregation and traveling to support other congregations. They see the need for a partner. That partner could be the new global missions agency that we are creating. It is an agency that will be able to come alongside churches like Ttokamsa and the congregations they are connected with. It will be able to provide support for leadership training that is based on time-tested experience in an international and North American setting. This new agency will connect with these ethnic minority churches and help their members minister to their communities. But this new agency will also be able to connect and equip members of these churches to do ministry in their countries of origin. These members know the culture and speak the language better than any missionary from North America ever could.

The Ttokamsa Mission Church has a passion for missions. Our goal is to help them develop that passion to its fullest potential for the Kingdom of God and to help other churches across North America catch the vision for missions both in their neighborhoods and around the world.