When Scott and Marcia Geurink felt God calling them back home to North America in 2014, they returned with more than 20 years of church planting experience.

With the guidance of Christian Reformed World Missions, the Geurinks used established church planting strategies along with the gifts of the local people to create strong communities of faith in Tijuana, Mexico.

In fact, God’s Kingdom in Tijuana has grown from having one church, one congregation, and one mission when they arrived in 1993 to 12 churches and missions today.

But this success didn’t happen over night. The work of developing leaders and strengthening existing believers’ gifts took longer than expected. Still, God used the Geurinks’ struggles and disappointments to help make the church in Tijuana even stronger. With each new church plant came a better-prepared Scott and Marcia and a stronger network of local support to continue the work when they left.

“The vision for the first daughter mission of [our first church plant],” actually came from the men and women who wanted to reach out to a neighboring community,” said Marcia. “These same men and women teamed up with us to help start another church.”

Although Scott and Marcia have returned to the United States, their work strengthening churches has not come to an end. Today they are still using their gifts among the Spanish speaking population to work alongside Alas de Aguila church plant in Allendale, Michigan. Together with the church plant’s pastor, they lead Bible studies and disciple believers from Alas de Aguila.

The Geurinks, like CRHM and CRWM, have a vision for a global, unified mission. But there is still more potential for shared connections with a unified missions agency.

Alas de Aguila and churches like it face a future full of opportunity to partner with churches around the corner and overseas. Imagine if Alas de Aguila became engaged in the churches where Scott and Marcia recently served. As church plants and missions grow and look to fulfill the Great Commission, imagine if global missionaries and local churches could share their connections and mutually learn from one another.

With a unified missions agency, these connections would be more probable and shared ministry can take place. This is the vision that we as CRHM and CRWM share.