May 24-26, 2019

Plans are underway for the next Canadian National Gathering to be held in Edmonton, Alberta.

What is a Canadian National Gathering?

Springing from a 2013 report to the Board of Trustees of the CRCNA on “Cultivating Binationality in the CRCNA” (see Acts of Synod 2014, pp. 432, 440-42), the Canadian National Gathering is a time to strategically celebrate, discern, and envision bold next steps for the CRC in Canada locally, regionally, and nationally. Gatherings of this type are held in Canada every three years as a way to have national conversations about ministry both in local congregations and as a national and binational church.


When & Where Will It be Held?

The next Canadian National Gathering will be held at The Kings University in Edmonton, Alberta from May 24-26, 2019. It will be a prayer-filled event that builds upon the work that began in Waterloo, Ont., in May 2016 at the previous Canadian National Gathering. It will include sharing ministry stories, identifying priorities, and inspiring local, regional, and denominational ministries to take bold steps into the future that God is calling us to.  

Who Should Attend?

Each Canadian classis will be asked to send delegates to this meeting.

The selection process will begin in congregations. The council of every CRC congregation in Canada will be asked to nominate one person to attend. If you feel led to participate, please talk with a council member.

Nominees will be asked to submit a 100 word statement about why they wish to attend. Their name and these statements will be submitted to the stated clerk of their classis by November 30, 2018.

The leadership team of each classis will review the nominees and make a selection based on the statements provided, the ministry work being done by nominees locally and regionally, and a desire to reflect diversity. Their slate of participants will be sent to the planning committee of the Canadian National Gathering by November 30, 2018.

What Will It Cost?

The vast majority of the costs associated with the Canadian National Gathering are being paid for by grants and other donations. Churches that have a participant attending will only be asked to contribute $200 as a registration fee. This amount will help cover travel (flight), accommodations, and food. There are no other fees. Participants will also be encouraged, but not required, to make a donation to help cover costs for the event.