Classis Resources

One key partner in the pastoral ordination processes in the Christian Reformed Church is the regional grouping of churches, called “classes” (singular “classis”).  Each classis has a team or committee, often called the Classis Ministerial Leadership Team (CMLT) that works with the denominational staff and also the individuals seeking ordination.  

We’ve prepared a variety of tools and resources to equip classis committees. See this index of documents and especially note tools for

  • the “seminary training route” (Section 2).
  • the “exceptional giftedness route” (Section 3).
  • the route for those already ordained in another denomination (Section 4).
  • the route to ordination as a Commissioned Pastor (Section 5).
  • General tools for local and regional committees who help others through the journey toward ordination. (Section 6). Some of these tools will also be of interest to individuals seeking ordination.

The Director of Candidacy is available to consult with any classis representative and any individual who has questions about pastoral ordination.