Becoming Ordained

The CRCNA has two pastoral ordination categories.  One category, Commissioned Pastor, is extremely nimble and flexible, and does not require a standardized academic degree.  The more general category, Minister of the Word, requires a Master of Divinity degree at an accredited seminary.

Calvin Theological Seminary, owned and operated by the Christian Reformed Church, is the preferred seminary, and their program includes all the required elements to become a candidate for minister of the Word.  Students are free to elect other seminaries and integrate into their MDiv degree, by way of transfer of credits, a special accredited denominational orientation program called the EPMC.  This program includes a minimum of nine prescribed credits from Calvin Seminary, and is available in both residential and distance learning formats.  

There are a variety of documents that have been created to support the route toward candidacy as a minister of the Word. Note especially Documents 2.1.1 and 2.4.1 for descriptions of the processes involved. And feel free to contact the Director of Candidacy if you have questions or need help.