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A VERY GOOD DAY - Grandpa and Liz follow treasure hunt clues left behind by a childhood friend of Grandpa. What’s the next clue? What’s the treasure hidden somewhere in Terrene? Subscribe for free at Free Giveaway: Get the KC sketchbook at
FAMILY FIRE - is an online community exploring Spirit-led family, marriage, parenting, in-laws, blended families, and intimacy. Find encouraging articles and devotions at Subscribe for regular email updates and connect with our Family Fire community on Facebook.
THE FRUIT OF PATIENCE - How can we cultivate the spiritual gift of patience in a society that prefers immediate gratification? Join Groundwork in studying Romans 2:1-4 and Colossians 3:1-13 as we seek to understand and cultivate the fruit of patience in our own lives. Listen now at and subscribe to Groundwork’s weekly emails for future episodes.

From Faith Formation Ministries

Children's Ministry Curriculum Reviews - Children's Ministry Leaders: If you're choosing a new children's ministry curriculum this year, the CRC's Faith Formation Ministries has just provided a new set of reviews to help you! Check out the pros and cons of curricula like Dwell, Orange, D6, Deep Blue, and more. You'll find the reviews in the "Choosing Curriculum" section of our new Children's Ministry Toolkit ( Got other children's ministry challenges? Contact Mimi Larson, our Children's Ministry Catalyzer ( She'd love to help!

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Group Volunteer Overseas - Are you a compassionate, respectful, and adaptable person who would like to volunteer overseas with others who have common interests? With World Renew’s Global Volunteer Program, you will get an authentic cultural experience and learn about the deep history and traditions that define the life of an international community. To find out more, email Andrew at