Indigenous Family Centre (Winnipeg)

At IFC, we want to see Healthy, Strong, Connected Families

We are creating a place for all who seek community, cultural teachings, spiritual growth and healing.

Our values include the following:

Community – We value community where everyone is equally included and options for connection and participation are offered.

Reconciliation – We partner with families and individuals on their Red Road journeys toward wholeness and peace in every aspect of their lives—body, mind, soul and spirit. We actively work towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples by creating opportunities for people to come together in understanding.

Spiritual environment - Rooted in a Reformed understanding of the Creator, we honour and celebrate Aboriginal culture and spirituality.

Respect – We model respect for Creator, respect for self, respect for others, respect for creation, and responsibility for our actions.

Justice - We defend the right of all people to have equal opportunity to enjoy a full, healthy and safe life.

Beauty - We believe it is possible to find beauty in everyone and everything, and we actively seek to participate in the creation of beautiful places, gardens and objects.

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