Saturday October 15, 2016 
9:30am - 2:30pm

Anaheim CRC
530 N Dale Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

Join local and regional ministry leaders from across Southern California for a FREE day of learning and dreaming about what it would take to see the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime. Our day includes opening worship and a message from Dr. Gabe Veas followed by workshops, lunch, more workshops, closing worship, and a concert of prayer.

Workshops include:

Vladimir Lugo (Spanish Workshop)
Ponle los pies en la tierra a tus sueños: ¿Tienes sueños que no se han hecho una realidad? ¿No sabes cómo descubrir tu propósito y llevar a cabo tu llamado? Basado en Isaías 54:2, en este taller aprenderás a reconocer las cuatro dimensiones de tus sueños al tiempo que realizarás ejercicios prácticos que te guiarán para alcanzarlos.

Glen Petterson: The New Age of Refugees
The new reality of the church in this XXI century, with a new perspective of the refugees around the world and in the United States

Rev. Tomas Ivens: Community Engagement
We will be exploring the different ways to do Community engagement from a church perspective; and how to use a planned process with the specific purpose of working with identified groups of people, whether they are connected by geographic location, special interests, affiliation or identify to address issues affecting their community’s well-being.

Rev. Sam Lee: The Gospel for the Age of Uncommitted & Whatever
Why the Gospel still (and always will) matters to and for our generation that tends to stand on an unoffending, safe middle ground that leads to an utterly dangerous place called nowhere. How to present and engage this relevant gospel that matters in the lives of this generation.

Becky Vanderzee: The Church's Response to Mental Health Concerns
Oftentimes churches and faith-based communities provide support (whether intentional or unintentional) to people suffering with mental illness long before the individuals seek professional assistance. How sensitive are our faith communities to mental health concerns? What education is needed? And are we providing the appropriate level of care within our church communities? This workshop will provide education about mental illness and discuss the most appropriate levels at which God may be calling our churches to be involved in the lives of people suffering from conditions that are widely impacting our communities. We will explore the level of awareness and acceptance that exists within our faith communities and how we can seek to provide greater levels of love and care to our neighbors in need of mental health support.

Abigail Nishimoto: How do we Help?
This workshop addresses how Christians can best help their neighbors in need. It will address questions such as: When should I give money? Where should I refer people? How can I tell if there is a legitimate need? By exploring what the Bible has to say about poverty, this workshop will establish a foundation for helping without hurting, and give some practical take-away skills for your personal encounters with people in need.

We encourage you to bring members of your ministry team so that you can learn and discern together. For more information, contact Tomas Ivens at or Mirtha Villafane at Fan the Flame is an Evangelism Project of the Church Empowering and Networking Team in cooperation with the Connections Project Team in Southern California.