Refugee Justice Worship Resources


Again and again, Scripture reminds us that God cares for the foreigner, the orphan and the widow. Because we seek the heart of God, we too have a heart for refugees and newcomers in our country and we believe that we are called to walk with them in advocacy, justice, and welcome.

These resources will help you integrate this welcome into your church service, Sunday School curriculum, time at home with your kids, or in personal or group devotions.

Looking for more resources? Go deeper with our Journey with Me toolkit, where you can find more worship resources, workshops, resources for hosting and welcoming refugees, and much more.


Migratory God prayer

This beautiful prayer can be prayed by you or your worship leader in a church service as written, and/or the video and audio (with the author reading) can accompany it. 

Pray for Refugees

“If you’re struggling to know what to say and how to say it when addressing the Syrian refugee crisis during Sunday worship or in personal prayer, consider using this summary and prayer” -- this can be easily adapted to pray for refugees in general, regardless of country of origin.

A Prayer for Refugees and Displaced Persons

A prayer, from the Mennonite Central Committee, for refugees and displaced persons around the world.

Prayer Stations: Walking with Refugees

Ideas for setting up prayer stations that allow participants to engage with the experience of refugees by symbolically walking with them and connecting with their experiences while praying for them and for ourselves. 


Journey with Me

A comprehensive collection of resources to integrate refugee concerns into worship, including multiple pieces of worship services.

Worship Resources in Response to the Refugee Crisis

An ecumenical collection of resources that help with creative response, through prayer and reflection, to the tragedy of the refugee crisis that so often leaves us wordless.

God’s Eye is on the Refugee

This drama, which can be incorporated into a worship service, is a celebration of God’s justice, character, and call to care for refugees.

Kid's Stuff: At Home

Journey with Me: Children’s Books

The CRC’s “Journey with Me” workshop includes a great list of children’s books that can help you and your kids explore the issues around refugee justice and displacement -- download the PDF document at this link.

Talking to Your Kids About the Refugee Crisis: 8 Activities for Families

“It can be difficult to begin an age-appropriate conversation about tragedy with your children, especially when it’s an ongoing situation like the refugee crisis. In response to this difficulty, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee service has pulled together this list of activities to help families learn about refugees and find ways to make a difference.”

13 Inspiring Stories of Refugee Welcome from Around the World

Celebrating the positive stories of refugee justice is another great way to talk about these issues with your children -- check out 13 such stories here.

Kid's Stuff: At Church

Journey with Me: Sunday School Plans

The CRC’s “Journey with Me” workshop includes a great list of Sunday School plans that can help your Sunday School kids explore the issues around refugee justice and displacement -- download the PDF document at this link.

Sunday School Lesson: Refugee Life

This Sunday School resource, from Canadian Lutheran World Relief, aims to help children gain a greater understanding of what it’s like to live in a refugee camp.

Kids Helping Kids: Refugees

“The Kids Helping Kids: Refugees curriculum explores questions around what it’s like to be a refugee and provides opportunities for making a significant difference in the lives of refugee children around the world. The twelve-part curriculum is a short (5-10 min) supplement to your regular Christian formation time.”

Sunday School Lesson: Refugees in the Bible

A single Sunday School lesson, the aim of which is “to explore biblical refugee characters and how to love/welcome refugees in [a child’s own] country.”


God’s People: A People on the Move…

A comprehensive ecumenical toolkit that is “designed to promote faith based reflection on migrant rights in Canada. Each fact sheet consists of an easy-to-read introduction to an issue, a bible study, and action ideas. Geared to adults and older youth, the ten fact sheets are ideal for use in facilitating a Bible study, coffee hour discussion or Sunday school class. Alternatively, they can also be used as a starting point for developing a workshop on migration issues.”

40 Day Personal Challenge: “I was a Stranger”

An easy-to-use resource that provides a printable bookmark that lists “forty different short biblical passages that related in one way or another to the topic of immigration. Get your bookmark here, stick it in your Bible, and commit to reading one passage each day for forty consecutive days.”

7 Day Devotional for the World Refugee Crisis

This 7-Day plan, excerpted from the InspireJustice 365-Day Devotional, follows a "Read, Reflect, Respond" format to help you journey through Scripture and learn more about God's justice for refugees.