Indigenous Justice Worship Resources


In Canada, the relationship between Indigenous peoples and other Canadians is deeply broken, but Christ the Reconciler calls us to seek healing, peace, and restoration of this relationship.

These resources invite us into this restoration through communal worship, worship, and discussion with the children in our midst, as well as personal and group devotion and study.









Month of Prayer for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

This month of prayer guide is created by our partners at the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee and accompanied by the paintings of Cree artist Ovide Bighetty.

Prayer for Aboriginal Sunday

Every year, the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee publishes worship materials for Aboriginal Sunday. This is the prayer from those resources for 2016.


Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee Worship Resources

For more resources and information on incorporating a heart for reconciliation with aboriginal peoples into your worship services or personal devotions check out the resources on CAMC’s page.

Liturgical Resources from the Presbyterian Church of Canada

Our theological sister church, the Presbyterian Church of Canada, has some really valuable and interesting resources for liturgical use.

Litany for Aboriginal Sunday

Every year, the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee publishes worship materials for Aboriginal Sunday. This is the litany from those resources for 2016.

Kid's Stuff: At Home

What to Say to Kids about “Pilgrims and Indians”

An interesting article written by a mother keen to help her son truly understand the stories of pilgrims and Native peoples, especially around Thanksgiving. Though not Canadian, it does contain great advice!

Shannen’s Dream Campaign

Kids can be advocates too! Shannen Koostachin advocated for safe and comfortable schools on her home reserve of Attawapiskat and made a difference. There are many resources on this page to help other kids and youth learn about Shannen’s impact and how they too can advocate for fair education for First Nations kids.

Kid's Stuff: At Church

10 Books about Residential Schools to Read with Your Kids

This list, divided by age group, helps parents, teachers, and caregivers to open a conversation about reconciliation using language and stories that kids can understand.

God Saves Us VBS Curriculum

This VBS curriculum from My People International helps teachers to tell the stories of the Aboriginal people as a bridge to the Bible stories and teaching.


Living the Call to Reconciliation: A one week devotional series exploring Indigenous Justice

Seven days of Scriptural study and prayer that emerges from the question, “What is reconciliation when we, the Church, are at fault?” It is inspired by the long and painful legacy of residential schools in Canada and the fact that even today, young Indigenous children are forced to dream of equality in education.

Gospel Based Discipleship: A Disciple’s Prayer Book

A resource from the Anglican Church of Canada and the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples that can be used for personal devotions or group study. This is a pastoral adaptation of the Book of Common Prayer which, while not dealing explicitly with issues of Indigenous justice, is instead a resource developed and used by Indigenous peoples within the Anglican Church and is designed to bring people together in relationship through worship.