Sending Out a Message of Hope.

When we spread God’s love through all forms of media, people connect with truth. That’s when spiritual rebirth happens and communities are transformed. Back to God Ministries International is the media ministry of the CRCNA. Indigenous ministry teams proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through the web, radio, television, phone, print and social media produced in the “heart languages” of people around the world. By God's grace, this outreach opens doors for salvation and discipleship, broadcasting the gospel in otherwise closed regions.

BTGMI aired its first radio program in 1939. Today we are reaching people in nearly every country in 10 major languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Ministry Shares helps fund:

  • Media ministries in 10 languages reaching nearly every country in the world through Internet and mobile devices
  • 47 audio programs broadcast on nearly 1,100 radio stations in addition to online access
  • 19 weekly video programs on 235 TV stations and delivered through DVD and YouTube (plus Netflix in Latin America)
  • 29 websites and 50 social media sites that offer gospel hope to millions of people
  • Daily devotionals distributed in print, online, through apps, and on social media
  • Discipleship resources that help bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ, some who would have no other way to hear the gospel except through media

From One Broadcast to a 14,600-Member Denomination

One seed planted through a radio broadcast nearly forty years ago has grown into a 14,600-member denomination in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Kalala Kabongo first heard Perspectives Réformées, a BTGMI radio program, on shortwave radio in 1979. "What caught my attention," he said, "was the teaching of salvation by grace through faith and the centrality of God’s Word alone. I realized that beyond ritual there is a Savior with whom I can be in relationship.”

Kabongo invited friends to listen and started a group Bible study based on the teachings in the broadcast.

“As we continued to listen, we wanted to learn more about the Reformed faith,” he said.

The group contacted BTGMI to receive additional study materials. Eventually the small fellowship started a church, and Kabongo studied to become a pastor. He went on to earn a theology degree. Over time, the fledgling group grew into a 14,600-member denomination in the DRC.

Today, 55-year-old Kabongo serves as president of the United Reformed Church in Congo. He also served as an ecumenical delegate from this denomination to the CRCNA synod that took place in Palos Heights, Ill. in 2017.

“This church in Congo is a miracle for us,” he added. “Did you ever think that from one radio program you would call together more than 14,000 people who call themselves Christ’s church? There were no missionaries in Congo to plant churches, but through radio messages and the Holy Spirit’s work in their hearts, we are now part of the big family of Christian Reformed churches.”