Results From Our Shared Ministry

The Christian Reformed Church in North America has covenanted to doing ministry together as a denomination. By pooling our resources and prayers, we have been used by God for ministry around the world in ways that no one person or congregation could do on its own.

The stories and reports included in the 2018 Annual Ministry Report are examples of how you and other members of the Christian Reformed Church are working together to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Back to God Ministries International

Ministry Shares helps fund:

  • Media ministry in 10 of our world’s major languages
  • Radio, TV, print, or discipleship centers in 89 countries
  • Internet ministry to nearly every country
  • 57 audio programs that proclaim the Gospel across 28 radio stations and 56 websites
  • 450 video episodes produced in the last year that air across 254 stations
  • 57 social media pages that reach more than 1.5 million followers
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Calvin University

The impact of your contribution:

  • All ministry shares are used for tuition grants for CRC students
  • Each year, nearly 4,000 students from all over the globe come to the Grand Rapids, Michigan, campus to pursue one of Calvin’s more than 100 majors
  • There are more than 50,000 Calvin alumni doing their part to make a difference in God’s world
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Calvin Theological Seminary

The impact of your contribution:

  • Calvin Seminary forms men and women who are cultivating communities of disciples in Jesus Christ.  Through our various degree options – Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Master of Arts in Bible and Theology, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Theology, and Doctor of Philosophy – Calvin Seminary equips students who are prepared to enter many different ministry contexts. 
  • Calvin Seminary serves the global church.  More than one third of CTS students come from outside of North America.  Calvin Seminary and the Christian Reformed Church are having an impact on churches and faith communities all over the world. 
  • Calvin Seminary commits to offering this education through a variety of channels; many students continue to come to campus as a residential student, but options are now available for students to take course work wherever they might live, through either a distance hybrid or completely online programs.
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Canadian Ministries

Ministry Shares help the CRC in Canada participate in:

  • Supporting every local church and place of ministry to conduct their ministries with excellence through the partnership of the entities and ministries of the CRCNA (Disability Concerns, Race Relations, Resonate Global Missions, etc)
  • The ministry of particularly unique Canadian Ministries such as
    • The Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue which interacts with government on justice issues
    • Urban Indigenous Ministries: Offers holistic ministry to indigenous people in Regina, Edmonton and Winnipeg
    • The Canadian Indigenous Ministries Committee which helps all of the Canadian churches interact with issues and practices of reconciliation
    • Ecumenical Ministry: Involved in Kairos justice initiatives and other ecumenical bodies
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Resonate Global Mission

As a result of Ministry Shares:

  • More than 6,500 new believers came to Christ in the past year
  • More than 200 new communities of faith formed around the world
  • More than 120 missionaries and 280 volunteers are serving around the world
  • Resonate Global Mission is:
    • serving the entire globe with 14 regional teams spread through their geographical area
    • partnering with 36 new churches in North America, 9 new partnerships in the past year
    • supporting campus ministries on more than 37 different campuses 
    • providing ministries and churches with training, coaching, resources, education, and funding
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Faith Alive Christian Resources

The impact of your contribution:

  • Curriculum that impacts generations of children, youth, and adults
  • The Banner, the CRC’s monthly magazine, delivered free to every CRC household
  • Tools and training for ministry in your local church and around the world
  • Digital Library of hundreds of products available to CRC members and attenders
  • Libros Desafío, a publishing imprint of theological resources in Spanish

Congregational Services

Ministry Shares help fund:

  • A wide variety of ministries to support churches and extend their reach.
  • Each seeks to partner with your church and help you partner with your community and other churches as you respond to God's call to go out and love.
  • These ministries include Faith Formation, Worship Ministries, Disability Concerns, Race Relations, Safe Church, Social Justice, Aboriginal Ministry, Centre for Public Dialogue, Candidacy, Chaplaincy and Care, and Pastor Church Resources.
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