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COVID Related Grants

In response to the ongoing challenges facing CRCNA pastors during this unique, prolonged season of ministry, in late 2021 Financial Shalom applied to Lilly Endowment Inc. for additional funding specifically designated to help pastors who have been most harshly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and related effects. The funding received is for two COVID-related reprieve grants:

Pandemic Relief grants | Ayudas económicas para pastores por el efecto de la Pandemia | 유행성 전염병 관련 보조금 (currently closed) - a special one-time grant to address pastors’ financial needs stemming from the pandemic and related effects.

Pastor Restoration grants (currently closed) - a special grant to fund pastors’ temporary leave from ministry to attend to their wellbeing in response to the pressures and challenges brought on by COVID and related effects.

Please click the links above to learn more about these grants or apply.

Additional grant rounds may be available to pastors if matching funds can be raised.

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