Article 59

a. All baptized members who come with age- and ability-appropriate faith in Jesus Christ are welcome to the Lord’s Supper and called to obey the scriptural commands about participation in an age- and ability-appropriate way under the supervision of the elders.

b. Baptized members shall be encouraged to make a public profession of faith with the use of a prescribed form in a public worship service. This public profession of faith includes a commitment to the creeds and confessions of the Christian Reformed Church. Before their profession of faith, they shall give an appropriate testimony of their faith, life, and doctrine to the elders. The names of those who will make a public profession of faith shall be announced to the congregation for approval at least one Sunday before their profession takes place. Upon their public profession of faith, they shall be designated as “confessing members.”

c. Confessing members receive all the privileges and responsibilities of such membership. Privileges include but are not limited to presentation of children for holy baptism, the right to vote at congregational meetings, and eligibility to hold office. Responsibilities include full participation in the work, life, and mutual discipline of the local congregation and the universal body of Christ.

Supplement, Article 59-c

Each congregation shall determine the appropriate age at which a confessing member shall receive such privileges and responsibilities.