One of the intergenerational service opportunities offered at Orchard Hills Church supports Days for Girls, an international ministry that provides girls living in poverty with feminine hygiene kits so that when they are menstruating they don’t have to miss school.

In 2015, with the help of two 78-year-old dads, one husband, and one college student, an Orchard Hills group of 20 women (teens to age 91) and four preschoolers made 75 drawstring bags

and filled them with 150 waterproof shields,

put together with 300 sets of snaps,

600 double layer liners made of flannel,

75 pairs of underwear,

75 washcloths,

and 75 bars of soap.

Then, after carefully assembling

and packing the kits

they lovingly held the bags and prayed

for the new community of women who had made them,
the team of students who would deliver them,
and, most important, the girls in Haiti who would receive them.

As participant Stephanie Fever said after the most recent intergenerational Days for Girls event, “It’s been a magical experience working together as a community of women for another community of women.”

—Kara Vander Wiel, Orchard Hills Church