Worship: In Community

“Corporate praise and worship of God is the one act of faith formation the entire local faith community does together––so to exclude any generation from that in any way is excluding them from one of the most important formative activities the church does.” 
—Ivy Beckwith

  • As God’s big family, we can support each other by welcoming our children and teens and young adults to worship and by worshiping in a way that says to all ages, “You belong here.” (That assurance of belonging can be particularly important for children whose parents don’t attend church. The post Practical Ways to Embrace Kids Who Come Alone contains helpful ideas.)

  • If you are involved in planning and leading worship, look for ways to ensure all ages are included and are able to participate in meaningful ways. Visit the Worshiping Together section of the Intergenerational Church toolkit for an abundance of ideas.

  • A “pray-ground” is an area in the sanctuary that has been created with the worship experience of young children in mind. Read Church “Pray-grounds”: Eight Stories and Inspiring Examples #kidmin to learn more about this concept and what it looks like in a variety of contexts. For a different take on this idea, check out Teach Them to Your Children . . .

  • Check out the Worshiping section of the Intergenerational Church toolkit for more ideas.

Worship: At Home

Quote from Rebecca Kirkpatrick’s blog: “We tend to think of the most sacred places in our sanctuaries as behind the pulpit, table, and font, or even beneath the cross, but the pew is just as holy. The space between us and among us in the pew is sacred as well.”

ⓒ 2018, Faith Formation Ministries, from the Family Faith Formation Toolkit (crcna.org/FaithFormation/toolkits)