Summer: In Community

Many congregations enjoy a slower pace during the summer months. By offering less programming, you may be able to provide more opportunities for intergenerational relationship building through church picnics and potlucks, sporting events, outdoor worship, community gardening, vacation Bible school, and more.

Summer: At Home

  • Summer can provide families with more opportunities to read together. Inspire them to do so with this list of Read with Empathy picture books and chapter books on peacemaking, kindness, gratitude, hunger, poverty, homelessness, diversity, and more.

  • If you have a church library, consider making a table display of Bible storybooks for families to check out and try during the summer months. You might also share with them this list of Bible Storybooks.

  • Share with families these 5 Questions to Ask Kids This Summer. You’ll find additional ideas in the Conversations resource page in this toolkit.

  • Take-Out Church: A Summer Tool for Home and Traveling showcases a clever way for congregations to support family faith at home during the summer months. God on the Go suggests more ideas.

  • Summer can be the perfect time to try a new family devotional resource. Consider blessing each family with a set of God’s Big Story cards at the end of the school year. Use the ideas in this Family Event to practice using the cards together at church before taking them home.

  • Find Your Slow Summer and An Illustrated Compassion for Families are examples of resources that a church can purchase and print for families to use at home.

  • In her post on The 30-Minute Summer Sabbath author Jerusalem Greer gives families practical ideas for intentionally choosing to “pause and rest, to savor beauty, appreciate goodness, and celebrate and enjoy what God has created.”

  • Speaking of Sabbath, encourage parents to take a breath and nurture their own spirits with this list of 30 mini-Sabbath ideas from Traci Smith.

  • We love the resources from Doing Good Together. Here are some of our favorite summer-themed posts to share with families:

  • Make It Fun for Kids to Give Back includes eight ideas for making a difference in your community.

  • The Summer of Kindness Bucket List for beginners and a follow-up Advanced Edition for “more experienced do-gooders” offer dozens of ideas for spreading kindness and goodwill and caring for God’s creation.

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