Pentecost: In Community

  • Engage all ages in a collaborative art project for Pentecost. You’ll find ideas in this post on Pentecost Art Projects.

  • This Happy Pentecost post from the Worshiping with Children blog is brimming with ideas for intergenerational worship on Pentecost.

  • The Day When God Made Church is a picture book about Pentecost. Read from it during worship and encourage families to keep the conversation going at home by sending them home with supplies to make Pentecost Fire Sticks.

  • Illustrated Children’s Ministry sells Pentecost coloring pages and provides ideas for how to use them as part of your Pentecost celebration.

Pentecost: At Home

  • Pentecost in a Box: the simple objects in this free resource from Building Faith can be used by families to learn about and celebrate Pentecost at home. Get them to families in whatever way works best: packed into a gift bag for a front door drop off, slipped into an envelope for a snail mail delivery, or share the link via email or social media.

  • The ideas in this Family Devotions and Observance of Pentecost resource are wonderful. Share the link with families, or use it as inspiration for creating your own resource of ideas.

  • Pentecost Fire Sticks make a fun at-home activity for families. Even better, make them together at church following a worship service and invite all ages to join in the fun!

  • Traci Smith has gathered Ten Pentecost Activities for Kids and Families that are simple to do at home. 

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