Music: In Community and At Home

Have you ever watched the faces of children when they hear a song familiar to them being sung in worship? Including songs that are singable and familiar to the youngest members of God’s family gathered in community is another way to say “you belong.” 

Check out these songs for use in community and/or to share with families to use at home.

  • If your church uses the Dwell children’s ministry curriculum, encourage parents to order the two DwellSongs CDs to play at home.

  • The Sing with Me children’s songbook includes nearly 250 songs for children and covers major biblical stories and themes using a wide variety of musical styles. It’s a treasure for church school, children's choirs, congregational worship, and families alike. Also awesome: the Sing with Me Leader’s Edition, which includes background information on songs, actions, and signing.

  • It’s easier to memorize Scripture when you’re singing it. Seeds Family Worship turns Bible verses into kid-friendly songs.

  • Sing with the World provides families with a selection of 24 global songs to sing.

  • Rain for Roots is a Nashville-based band that’s “making new songs about the old story for children.” Listen to their music and view their videos here.

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