Justice: In Community

Look for ways to engage all ages in conversations about justice and responses to injustice.

Fundraising Activities

  • Include the children of your church in fundraising projects for World Renew. At Sonlight CRC in Lynden, Washington, children (who are also part of the fundraising task force) have raised enough money through bake sales, donations at their birthday parties, Peter Fish collections, and Thanksgiving suppers to pay for 28 water wells in Nigeria. How might you partner with the children and youth in your church to serve and speak out for justice in your community and globally?

Curriculum Resources

Justice: At Home

See also the tools and ideas in Service: In Community.

  • Writer, educator, and parent Lisa VanEngen has written an outstanding resource for speaking with kids about justice issues, including racism, creation care, health care, disabilities, hunger, and more. Her book, And Social Justice for All: Empowering Families, Churches, and Schools to Make a Difference in God's World includes conversation starters, action ideas, recommended library books, and more. 

  • Research shows that children are racially biased. The post Here’s How to Raise Race-Conscious Children and this post from the Embrace Race site contain helpful information for parents.

  • “Racism is our inheritance. It doesn’t have to be our legacy. But we had better do something about it,” says pastor Scott Neely. In his TEDx Talk What Will I Teach My Son? he shares his family history of white privilege, describes what he’s learned about racism, and explains the three things he’ll teach his children.

  • Parents looking for library books about refugees will appreciate this list of Ten Refugee Stories.

  • The book Homegrown Faith and Justice features faith-forming activities, conversations, rituals, and resources for families with children ages 3-18.

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