Easter: In Community

One way to be intentional about weaving family faith nurture into all you do as a community is by providing resources that connect church and home to people of all ages.

  • We love these ideas from the Methodist Church for Holy Week Devotions for Families and Singles because they include suggestions for all ages. Use them as inspiration for creating take-home devotions that will work in your church context.

  • Consider inviting a senior’s group to bless families with young children at your church by making and giving them Holy Week in a Box sets or delivering to their home the tools for a Resurrection Garden. Another idea: Offer an intergenerational event in which you make such gifts together.

  • One of our favorite blogs is Worshiping with Children by author and Christian educator Carolyn Brown. Open the Topical Index on her site to access a multitude of ideas for forming faith in community during Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

  • This Holy Week Flag Art Project uses inexpensive supplies to created colorful, symbolic artwork as the stories of Holy Week are read. Consider making this activity an intergenerational experience and displaying the results on Easter morning for the whole community to enjoy.

Easter: At Home

  • 6 Tools for Building Faith with Children at Easter contains practical ideas for the families in your congregation, including one involving Legos. Share the full post or share the ideas from it one at a time.

  • Planting a Resurrection Garden is a fun family activity that helps build anticipation for Easter Sunday. Consider providing the supplies for a scaled-down version (using smaller containers) and making them with families after church.

  • These ideas from Carolyn Brown for Celebrating Jesus Week are also worth sharing.

  • What might a one-page handout or a download of practical ideas for celebrating Easter look like for the families at your church? At the Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow it looks like this. And here’s how it looked when Heather Roth Johnson put together these Holy Week for Preschoolers resources at her church.

ⓒ 2018, Faith Formation Ministries, from the Family Faith Formation Toolkit (crcna.org/FaithFormation/toolkits)