Conversations: In Community

“Children develop a three-dimensional faith by walking alongside older brothers and sisters in Christ who share the rich stories of faith found in the Bible, who listen when hard questions come up, and who take the time to talk through appropriate responses to these questions.”       
—Robert J. Keeley, Helping Our Children Grow in Faith

Building Relationships with Children and Teens

Intergenerational Conversations

Visit the Faith Storytelling toolkit for ideas on sharing faith stories with all ages and in a variety of church contexts.

Conversations: At Home

We love the Deuteronomy 6 ways in which each of these resources enable families to have faith-forming conversations at dinner, on vacation, while walking, at bedtime, and more.

Building Relationships in the Family

  • Communicating with teens can be challenging! Parents will appreciate the tips provided in this helpful resource from the Fuller Institute: How to Talk to Any Young Person.

  • Every parent should know these three words every young person wants to hear.

  • It can be scary for parents when their children express doubt or ask unanswerable questions about faith. In Faithful Families Traci Smith encourages parents of young children to embrace the word mystery when their children ask tough questions. “To teach mystery is to embrace the truth that we don’t know everything, rather than run from it. When a child asks a question that is answerable only through faith, say, ‘That is a wonderful mystery of our faith. Many people have different ideas, but most people say we can’t know all these answers while we are on earth. What do you think?’” (Faithful Families)

  • The post “I don’t believe in anything anymore”: How to respond when young people doubt God contains two helpful responses for parents.

  • Words matter. We love the way these 50 Phrases to Raise a Happy, Confident Kid provide parents with words that affirm the unique way God has knit together their child.

Conversation Starters

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