I Belong

“Koinonia,” Lift Up Your Hearts (LUYH) 258

“God, the Father of Your People,” LUYH 927

“We Are the Church,” Sing With Me 246

I Know and Understand

“I Know Not Why God's Wondrous Grace,” LUYH 690 and Psalter Hymnal 495

“I Know that My Redeemer Lives,” LUYH 193

“Jesus Loves Me,” Psalter Hymnal 571

“My Only Comfort,” LUYH 781

“Ancient Words,” LUYH 762

“Keep What You Have Believed,” LUYH 769

I Have Hope

“By the Sea of Crystal,” LUYH 489 and Psalter Hymnal 620

“In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful,” LUYH 357

“Because He Lives,” LUYH 361

“Oh Day of Peace,” LUYH 487

“Here from All Nations,” LUYH 490

“O God, Our Help in Ages Past,” LUYH 405 and Psalter Hymnal 170

“When Peace Like a River,” LUYH 451

I Am Called and Equipped

“God of This City,” LUYH 277

“Let Justice Flow,” LUYH 295

“My Friends, May You Grow in Grace,” LUYH 938 and Sing a New Creation 288


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Thanks to Diane Dykgraff, CRC Worship Ministries, for compiling this list.