by Lesli van Milligen


Place the keys and cell phone in your pocket or purse.

Slide Number


Presenter’s Actions and Words


“I Belong to God”



Cell Phone

(Take your cell phone out of your pocket or purse)

This belongs to me.



(Take your keys out.)

These also belong to me. If I forget these things or if I lose them, it’s a problem for me. It is not a problem for the cell phone. It is not a problem for the keys. It’s a problem for me. The cell phone doesn’t care. The keys don’t care. They don’t love me, even though they belong to me.


Kids and dogs

Can you can tell me what is the same in the next three slides?

(Show all three slides and let the kids respond.)

These kids are having fun with their dogs and with each other.


Kids and dogs

The dogs belong to the kids. The kids don’t belong to the dogs. But if the dogs and kids were separated, they would both notice the separation and feel the loss, wouldn’t they?



What do you think is the same in these three slides?

(Listen to the kids’ responses.)


People (mother and daughter, mother and baby, two brothers and sister, mother and daughter and father)

These are pictures of people who belong to a family. The mother and daughter belong to each other. The baby belongs to the mother, and the mother belongs to the baby. The brothers and sister belong to each other. The mother and father and daughter belong to each other.


Three kids

Here are three children. Who else do you see in the pictures?

(Listen to the kids’ responses.)

You can’t see anyone else, but these children are not alone. They belong to God. Even when you can’t see God, he is there. Just like these children, I belong to God, and so do you, and you, and you (pointing at the kids with you.)

Let’s thank God that we belong to him.

Prayer: Dear God, sometimes I feel like I am alone. Sometimes these kids feel that way too. Help us to remember and know that you are here. We need to remember that you are our only comfort. You will always be with us. Thank you, God, that we belong to you, now and forever. Amen.