Strengthening Your Faith Formation Culture



Practices that Support Spiritual Growth in Congregations


Our congregations are like gardens, and each of us is like a plant growing there to bear fruit. Most gardens have healthy and unhealthy conditions for growth; in congregations we call this the “culture.” Just as a gardener seeks to maximize the healthy conditions and minimize the unhealthy conditions, so we are called to tend the cultures of our congregations. Our calling is to be congregations that embody the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in all that we are and do.

Faith Formation Ministries is seeking twenty Christian Reformed congregations to participate in a 12-15 month cohort called Strengthening Your Faith Formation Culture designed to grow stronger, grace-shaped faith formation cultures within their congregations. Participating congregations will:

  • Identify and Assess the health of their cultures and identify the practices that are shaping this health.
  • Discern which practices are best suited for strengthening their culture.
  • Experiment with two or three steps to strengthen their trajectory.

To assist you in this process, Faith Formation Ministries will provide the necessary coaching, tools, and resources throughout the duration of the project. 

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To apply or ask questions, contact Christine Dekker at Applications are due October 15, 2016.


Watch this video to learn more about the Previous Cohort: