Why the name Coffee Break?

The name “Coffee Break” expresses the relaxed and conversational atmosphere of a Coffee Break group.  It is not a class where people look for the right or wrong answers, but a friendly and warm conversation about the Bible.  And, of course, there are good things to eat.

Do we have to use the name “Coffee Break”?

No! Groups use many different names.  You are welcome to use the name if it connects with your community. We welcome all groups that have passion for small group Bible discovery to use the Discover Your Bible materials or join the network of Coffee Break leaders for shared learning. Our goal is to create a learning community of leaders who are better together.

What is unique about the Coffee Break Bible Discovery approach?

Coffee Break is Bible discovery for evangelism and discipleship. Coffee Break groups develop a conversation about scripture using a simple set of questions found in the Discover Your Bible study guide.  A Coffee Break group is not a class or lecture, but a great form of adult learning where people discover for themselves what the Bible says and means.  Leaders are trained and equipped to create a safe environment for this discovery and  to care for the group. Coffee Break discussion leaders also personalize the lesson to the unique spiritual and social needs of the group by asking additional, conversation building questions.  The Discover Your Bible Leader’s guide supplies leaders with some extra questions and background material.

Is Coffee Break inductive Bible study?

Yes. However, the phrase Bible discovery seems to be a better fit for this approach.  “Inductive” is a scientific term that is sometimes applied to the study of the Bible.  Inductive study breaks things down into small parts in order to gain understanding about the whole.  For example, if you can understand a cell, you can understand more about the body. The Bible is the big story of God’s love relationship with the world. Bible discovery illustrates how we discover what God is saying through this text and how it fits into God’s big story.

We have used all of the studies. When will new studies be available?

Good news. We have two new studies coming for the fall of 2015. Discover Isaiah will be available by August 11, 2015. Discover Nehemiah will be available by Oct 2015. Both of these studies will be available in book format or the new PDF format. In addition, several studies have been revised or newly released.

Will there be another Coffee Break conference?

Some of you have fond memories of Coffee Break conferences.  The bi-annual conference was discontinued several years ago. In its place, there have been regional events, Coffee Break workshops and now Coffee Break webinars. A ministry leadership conference – which would include a Coffee Break track – is in the works for the summer of 2017.