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Story Hour and Little Lambs

Children are important to Jesus and to moms. In fact, the Coffee Break movement started with children and grew to include moms. Story Hour and Little Lambs curriculums are hands on discovery for little ones to learn about Jesus through story, song and play.

What is Story and Hour and Little Lambs?

Story Hour and Little Lambs are evangelistic, Bible-based curricula for children ages 2 to 6. Little Lambs is designed to introduce 2- and 3-year-olds to the Bible stories about God and his son, Jesus. Story Hour meets the needs of the 4- to 6-year-old child. Both programs offer a comprehensive approach to helping preschool children learn the truths of the Bible and include several storytelling options, learning activities, games, music (both hard copy and CD), and craft patterns.

Why is it called evangelistic?

The curriculum is designed to give an overview of the Bible in a one year cycle. Beginning with stories of creation, children learn about God’s care for the world and the love for his people in the Old Testament. Then they celebrate the birth of Jesus, and hear stories of his life, death, and resurrection from the New Testament. Children learn that God’s Spirit was sent to empower all of us to tell the good news to others. The ultimate goal of introducing little ones to God's stories and God's love is to plant seeds so that in the Spirit's timing, these children will make their own commitment to Christ.

The progression of the stories connects with Christmas and Easter; two major Christian holidays that children may be experiencing with their families and friends. Take-home story cards are available for each lesson, further connecting the Story Hour and Little Lambs (SH/LL) experience with the home.

Many options are presented in the curriculum for the leader to choose from, making it flexible and adaptable to unique settings and situations. This allows leaders to tailor the lesson to their own classroom.

Story Hour Webinars

Attend free online training events to build your leadership skills. Join a training from the comfort of your home or group setting. Story Hour/Little Lambs webinars are 60 - 90 minutes in length. See past webinar recordings.

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