Mercy, Justice and Humility

This area of ministry strives to hear and respond to the cries of the oppressed, forsaken, and disadvantaged. Our hearts are broken by the things that break the heart of God. Therefore we seek “to act justly and love mercy” as we walk humbly with our God. When we proclaim Micah 6:8, we commit ourselves to the work of restoring the brokenness that we see in the world around us. 

Canadian Aboriginal Ministries Committee (CAMC) Toolkit is a useful toolbox for local churches exploring ministry to Aboriginal peoples. The resources range from small group curriculum, video series, suggestions for novels to read, music, art and arranging for a guest speaker.

Disability Concerns helps churches intentionally seek to end the isolation and disconnectedness of persons with disabilities, to nurture the spiritual lives of people with disabilities, and to encourage the gifts of people with disabilities.

Faith and Food Destination Church in St. Thomas, Ontario, is a place for community, hope, and purpose – and really good food. The church has had a big impact on the lives of hungry people, including lots of single moms in the community. The community is starting to notice – what began with gardening and community dinners has grown as partners all over the city have come together in Destination Church’s building, formerly occupied by bars, restaurants, and a strip club.

Journey with Refugees (video) A 2-minute video produced by and for the CRC which is useful in local church settings (e.g. offering/small groups).

Safe Church Ministries equips churches in abuse awareness prevention and response with a variety of resources for issues such as child sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying, internet pornography and more.