The Sermons for Reading Services Committee has been serving Christian Reformed churches for decades. The committee solicits sermons and worship liturgies from CRC pastors primarily for use by churches who do not have a pastor to lead a Sunday service. However, we are thankful to know that they are also used for inspiration and meditation by individual church members as well as by pastors looking for homiletical insights. May God be praised in this work and His Church edified.

In the past, these sermons were printed in booklets but are now available only on this website, giving them greater access to a wider audience. When used in worship services, the sermons should be introduced by giving credit to the author and any changes should be limited to making the sermon easier to read for the person doing the reading. No changes in content are considered appropriate without the consent of the original author. The included Order of Worship is a sample which can be edited freely to suit the needs of your congregation.

If you are looking for additional reading sermons, we suggest you check out the websites of the Calvin Seminary's Center for Excellence in Preaching, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, or search the web for Christian Reformed congregations that post the sermons of the pastors.

Video Sermons: In this day of modern technology, churches have been requesting that we make video sermons available. Currently that is beyond the scope of this committee but you may want to search the web for Christian Reformed Churches that post video sermons.

Submitting Sermons: We seek to post nine new sermons three times per year. If you are a CRC pastor and would like to submit a sermon for consideration by the editorial committee, please email the committee. We will send you the sermon guidelines and format requirements and then consider your sermon for publication.

If you are a frequent user of this website and have suggestions for how this service can better serve churches without a pastor, please send us an email.