The Journey Toward Ordination in the CRC

Introduction [link] [download]

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms [link] [download]

I. The Routes to Ordination [link] [download]

II. Partners in the Journey [link]

A. The Candidate [link] [download]
• Character Standards
• Knowledge Standards
• Skill Standards

B. The Council [link] [download]

C. The Classis [link] [download]
• Classis Ministerial Leadership Team Mandate

D. The Candidacy Committee [link] [download]
• The Candidacy Committee Mandate

III. Paths in the Journey [link]

A. Master of Divinity Degree (Church Order Article 6) [link] [download]
• Summary
• Flow Chart
• Ministry Readiness Profile

B. Exceptional Giftedness (Church Order Article 7) [link] [download]
• Summary
• Flow Chart
• Ministry Readiness Profile

C. Already Ordained in Another Denomination (Church Order Article 8) [link] [download]
• Summary
• Flow Chart
• Ministry Readiness Profile

D. Ministry Associate (Church Order Article 23) [link] [download]
• Summary
• Flow Chart
• Profile for the Process

IV. Tool Kit [link] [download]

A. Article 6 Tools
• Candidate’s Application to Council Form (Art. 6) [download]
• Council Recommendation Form (Art. 6) [download]
• CMLT Recommendation Form (Art. 6) [download]
• Checklist for Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidacy (EPMC) (Art 6) [download]

B. Article 7 Tools
• History of Article 7 [link] [download]
• Candidate’s Application to Council Form (Art. 7) [download]
• Initial Council Recommendation Form (Art. 7) [download]
• CMLT Initial Recommendation (Art. 7) [download]
• Summary of Initial Recommendations with License to Exhort (Art. 7) [download]
• Instructions for Documents to be Gathered (Art. 7) [link] [download]
• Disclosure of Ecclesiastical Discipline, Complaints or Criminal Charges (Art. 7) [download]
• Mentor Designation Form (Art 7) [download]
• Council Recommendation Form: Final Assessment (Art. 7) [download]
• Final Endorsements Page (Art. 7) [download]

C. Article 8 Tools
• Personal Application (Art. 8) [download]
• Former Local Governing Body Recommendation Form (Art. 8) [download]
• Recommendation from Former Regional Body (Art. 8) [download]
• Application from a Local CRC (Art 8) [download]
• CMLT Recommendation Form including “Need Statement” (Art. 8) [download]
• Summary of Endorsements and License to Preach [download]
• Instructions for Documents to be Gathered (Art. 8) [link] [download]
• Disclosure of Ecclesiastical Discipline, Complaints or Criminal Charges (Art. 8) [download]
• Mentor Designation Form (Art 8) [download]
• Learning Covenant Form (Art. 8) [download]
• Overview of Alternative Learning Plans (Art. 8) [link] [download]
• Final Council Recommendation Form (Art. 8) [download]
• Final Endorsements Page (Art 8) [download]

D. Article 23 Tools
• Guideline adopted by Synod 2001 relative to Ministry Associates (Art 23) [link] [download]
• Qualifications for a Ministry Associate (C.O. Supplement Article 23) [link] [download]
• Sample Application form to Classis for an individual seeking ordination to office of Ministry Associate (Art. 23) [download]
• Examination Guidelines for Ministry Associate (from Church Order Supplement Article 23) [link] [download]

E. Other Tools
• Guidelines and Questions for CMLTs in Preparing Ministry Leaders for the CRC (Synod 2007) [link] [download]
• Resource for Further Reflection on Ordination [link] [download]
• Article: How Pastors Struggle [link] [download]